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Armin Rigo
Fix on Linux. Maybe we converge and this works on Windows too? :-)
Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
graphviewer now uses the subprocess module instead of os.popen2. This works on Windows. And no need to hack the file mode any more :-)
Armin Rigo
Minor fix to avoid snoopy users.
Armin Rigo
Change instructions to point to sshgraphserver instead of graphserver.
Armin Rigo
Windows doesn't support this way of using popen. Replace it with an explicit flush().
Maciej Fijalkowski
Make it run on top of pypy-c (well, not really...)
Armin Rigo
Small enhancements.
Armin Rigo
Merge the graphserver-dist branch. For description, see my mail "Pygame viewer" on pypy-dev.