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pypy / pypy / doc / objspace-proxies.rst

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Alex Gaynor
remove dump, thunk, and trace objspaces which were unused
Benjamin Peterson
remove taint objspace
Carl Friedrich Bolz
remove the taint space
Carl Friedrich Bolz
rename _ref.rst to _ref.txt
Carl Friedrich Bolz
(lac, cfbolz): fix the auto-generation to generate links to the code on bitbucket. use the auto-generation in more places. also, check that _ref.rst is included where it needs to be.
(lac, cfbolz) kill old_news
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): attempt to fix links to source code within sphinx-generated HTML Sphinx generates the html in _build/html, which means that all the links relative to pypy/doc break within the html files. The real fix appears to be to write a plugin to sphinx to handle this more gracefully, perhaps based on http://sphinx.pocoo.org/ext/viewcode.html For now, this changeset merely tries to consolidate all links to source code files to be of the form ../../../../pypy This was a…
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Update references to _ref.txt to _ref.rst, reflecting the mass-renaming
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Mass rename of documentation files from .txt to .rst, to help editors recognize the format Script used (in pypy/doc): for f in $(find -name "*.txt"); do hg rename $f $(echo $f | sed -e"s|.txt|.rst|"); done