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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Antonio Cuni
test&fix for when the unicode %s argument is None: we cannot call convert_const, it's not rpython at all
Armin Rigo
A bunch more.
Antonio Cuni
some rpython fixes to make sure that test_zrpy_send passes
Antonio Cuni
- use oounicode to convert from string to unicode - add support for unicode to cli backend
Maciej Fijalkowski
(fijal, cfbolz, antocuni) Merge branch of rpython-unicode ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r48463 | cfbolz | 2007-11-09 11:26:22 +0100 (Fri, 09 Nov 2007) | 2 lines Changed paths: M /pypy/branch/pypy-rpython-unicode/annotation/unaryop.py M /pypy/branch/pypy-rpython-unicode/rpython/rstr.py M /pypy/branch/pypy-rpython-unicode/rpython/test/test_runicode.py unicode.decode doesn't make any sense! it should be u…
Antonio Cuni
Support for float(string) in ootypesystem and gencli.
Antonio Cuni
Added support for string hashing to ootypesystem.
Niklaus Haldimann
(antocuni, nik) overall goal: make external functions work with the ootypesystem. this was achieved by making it possible to split the ll_* modules in rpython.module into separate versions for the two type systems. have separate versions of ll_os with ll_os_getcwd. tests for that.
Antonio Cuni
Added support for using string constant obtained from string_repr.convert_const in ootypesysyem ll helpers.
Antonio Cuni
- Added support for float to string conversion to ootypesystem. - Removed the temporary oostring2 which was used for playing with ooregistry. - Moved oostring and ooparse_int implementatio to ooregistry.py. Due to the use of extregistry now tests should import ootypesystem.ooregistry so that entries are registered.