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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Antonio Cuni
fix an obscure case which seems to be produced only with ootype translation. I didn't manage to write a test for it :-(
Carl Friedrich Bolz
kill flatten, which is useless nowadays
Alexander Schremmer
Make backendopts less chatty if verbose is false.
Armin Rigo
Make checkgraph() more strict: it checks that return/except blocks have 'operations == ()' and that exits is always a tuple - but but but, please NEVER write to exits directly, use closeblock() or recloseblock() instead.
Carl Friedrich Bolz
fix a bug in merge_if_blocks: if two of the checked values are the same, then checkgraph complains. In this case drop the additional block.
Armin Rigo
Fix translation. The exitcase is not supposed to be a Constant.
Armin Rigo
Massive untabify.
Anders Chrigström
Extend the 'if ... elif ...' merging to other types than Signed.
Carl Friedrich Bolz
bug fix + test: after inlining it is possible that there are int_eq operations that contain two constants. merge_if_blocks assumed that there was always at least one variable in such an operation.
Carl Friedrich Bolz
oops! don't merge chains of ifs, only chains of one if and elifs.
Carl Friedrich Bolz
merge as many blocks as possible per graph
Eric van Riet Paap
(cfbolz, ericvrp): start of a transformation to merge consecutive equality tests on the same variable into a switch (taking that variable as an exitswitch and having several exits with the cases)