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Christian Tismer
I disabled the CLI tests after I found out that the linux buildbot don's have the mono framework installed. On windows, it always is there and therefore very boring to get hundreds of errors.
Antonio Cuni
(in-progress) copy the cli backend from the oo-jit branch
Antonio Cuni
When on windows, try to find if mono is installed and in that case use its ilasm2 for assembling files, because the one shipped with Microsoft CLR can't compile pypy-cli.
Alexandre Fayolle
updated sysfind usage to new smeantics.
Antonio Cuni
Added two new options: * --verify run peverify on the compiled code, and fails if the code it's not verifiable. It works only under windows, because mono doens't provide peverify * --norun prevent compiled code to be executed. Useful in conjunction with --verify.
Antonio Cuni