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Antonio Cuni
merge back the changes that have been made in trunk and pyjitpl5 since oo-jit was branched svn merge svn+ssh:// -r54016:64784 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r54017 | cfbolz | 2008-04-22 17:04:17 +0200 (Tue, 22 Apr 2008) | 2 lines Changed paths: A /pypy/branch/2.5-features (from /pypy/dist:54016) make a branch for bruno's summer of code work ------------…
Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
My turn to remove some py.test deprecation warnings: turn all these files into ConfestPlugins. It seems that the test collection scans too many conftests: python translator/c/test will process all test plugins from translator/cli, translator/js and translator/jvm.
Antonio Cuni
kill stackopt: treebuilder does a much better job
Antonio Cuni
Implemented first two stack optimizations (variable renaming and temporary variable removal). Benchmarks on rpystonedalone show the following results: - source code size reduced by 10% - executable size reduced by 13% - rpystone speeded up by 5% - richards speeded up by 12%