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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Philip Jenvey
length_hint basics and some initial iterator support
Amaury Forgeot d'Arc
kill most unwrap_spec in objspace
Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen
No-op merge to register the merge done in 0e3099e3cc33 with Mercurial.
Armin Rigo
A W_FastSeqIterObject that is a lot more efficient than the W_SeqIterObject for lists and tuples.
Eric van Riet Paap
prevent rtyper warnings
Eric van Riet Paap
Added pickling support for reverse sequence iterator
Eric van Riet Paap
sequence iterator pickling support (still need to test translation on a faster machine)
These poor functions were too unpopulated for the tool to know where to insert the docstring and get the indentation correct.
Anders Lehmann
Added a reverse sequence iterator make sure to exhaust reverse iterator if the underlying sequence shrinks to less than the remaining items
Samuele Pedroni
merged dist-simpler-multimethods branch.
Armin Rigo
Moved the branch back into the trunk.
Armin Rigo
- enforced single inheritance at the TypeDef level. - cleaned up StdTypeDef by merging the 'base' stuff to TypeDef. - changed all objspace/std/ to use single inheritance and default to the object_typedef base. - fixed the trivial object space accordingly. - new test for 'class A(int, dict)' failing.
Armin Rigo
First round at fixing the standard object space to adapt it to the new, descriptor-based object model.
holger krekel
the final merge of the builtinrefactor branch into the trunk. See for in-depth discussion and description of what is new.
Armin Rigo
More speed-up tricks, plus the addition of a call to registerimplementation() for all W_XxxType classes as well.
Christian Tismer
reviewed, refactored some tests, very good and complete
Armin Rigo
classes and inheritance, still missing __init__() support