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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Alex Gaynor
Made the graphanalzyer code faster. It now requires less copying, and bails out sooner upon realizing that a result includes everything.
Alex Gaynor
Optimize join_results for write analyze.
Armin Rigo
(fijal, arigo) Improve on the previous check-in to detect fresh mallocs as long as they are in the same graph. That's probably good enough.
Armin Rigo
(fijal, arigo) Start an optimization step that helps the JIT: when writing fields to a fresh new structure, don't record them in the WriteAnalyzer.
Armin Rigo
Merge the branch/virtual-forcing so far, introducing proper forcing of virtualizables followed by a guard failure when we eventually return to assembler. This also changes the front-end so that it always aborts a trace after the virtualizable was forced. The changes are not very ootype-friendly. The CLI tests are disabled for now. Fix the write analyzer to give the correct answer even when calling external functions that may call back. svn merge -r69626:69792 svn+ssh://codespeak.net/svn/pypy/branch/virtual-forcing .
Antonio Cuni
(antocuni, cfbolz) port the writeanalizer to ootype