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pypy / _pytest / junitxml.py

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Benjamin Peterson
update py.test again (now with 2.5 support)
Armin Rigo
Backout changes 3c0ae7fce1c7 to cfbda2605f9d We should discuss on irc whether it's a good idea or not. Most importantly, this doesn't seem to work on Python 2.5, which I find to be still an important platform.
Benjamin Peterson
upgrade to latest development version of py.test
holger krekel
use actually released pytest-2.0.3 / py-1.4.3 versions (minor fixes compared to the versions pypy already used)
holger krekel
update to pytest-2.0.3.dev3, containing few fixes/speedups
holger krekel
remove old py copy, add current pytest and py lib snapshots (from pytest-2.0.1dev and py-1.4.1dev) and some initial tweeks to conftest.py