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Armin Rigo
Additionally sort by module name if the module list is not precise enough.
Samuele Pedroni
- let use comments in the module-list and ignore blank lines - let's specify a module-list file, like RTYPEORDER=order,module-list.pedronis ... - I'm checking in my module-list as module-list.pedronis, at the end you can see modules that are known to specialize fine
Samuele Pedroni
Experimental hook to have more fine control over which blocks get specialized in which order. The order.py module is an example using it, it uses a list of modules names (or <module-name>:<func-name>) to sort the blocks use RTYPERORDER=order and edit locally 'module-list.example' as 'module-list' to try it out. with this approach I discovered e.g. that the ~8500 blocks from (synthetic) functions without module (module=None) all specialize fine.