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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Simon Cross
(jerith) Fix link to getting-started-dev in 'Further reading' sections of the archictecture documentation. Fixes issue 1280.
Armin Rigo
Documentation for continulets.
Carl Friedrich Bolz
(lac, cfbolz): a link to the BF tutorial
Begin the process of standardising on the name *The RPython toolchain*. While I was there I changed a paragraph that talked about our goal to eventually have a JIT. Various English fixes, and the odd sentence that had a double world 'we want to to do something'
Carl Friedrich Bolz
rename _ref.rst to _ref.txt
Dario Bertini
Fixed/removed stale external links (and changed some urls to avoid unhelpful redirects)
Dario Bertini
Updated lots of old links from codespeak's svn to bitbucket's hg
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Various minor cleanups (removal of stray "PyPy -" from titles, reorderings of pages)
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Update references to _ref.txt to _ref.rst, reflecting the mass-renaming
David Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Mass rename of documentation files from .txt to .rst, to help editors recognize the format Script used (in pypy/doc): for f in $(find -name "*.txt"); do hg rename $f $(echo $f | sed -e"s|.txt|.rst|"); done