pypy / pypy / doc / extending.rst

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
wlav avatarwlav
doc updates
wlav avatarwlav
cppyy doc, clarifications
wlav avatarwlav
cppyy documentation: feature list and short intro to PyCintex
wlav avatarwlav
start of cppyy documentation
Antonio Cuni avatarAntonio Cuni
update this page wrt the new ctypes and _ffi performances. It still contains XXXs though
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Remove some more codespeak dependencies.
Carl Friedrich Bolz avatarCarl Friedrich Bolz
(cfbolz, lac): put the stuff from docindex to the main index page, which makes much more sense for readthedocs
David Malcolm avatarDavid Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Mass rename of documentation files from .txt to .rst, to help editors recognize the format
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