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Author Commit Message Date
Armin Rigo
Antonio Cuni
add a newline to rpystone's output
Christian Tismer
use the complete_callgraph property now. This has the advantage that the picture gets much more complete. Sometimes it now gets over-complete, because transitions which already existed before some transformations, may be found twice, now. A cleanup may be needed at some point, but for now it is good enough. See for instance, where I have put a recursion just for testing it with graphics (and actually stackless)…
Christian Tismer
extended the windows benchmark to also include results from targetrpystonedalone, which are misleading but impressive.
Christian Tismer
supports rpystone and richards, now. moving on to use this for small-program benchmarking.
Christian Tismer
(anders, chris) added some commentary about creating stand-alone targets
Christian Tismer
added rpystone as a stand-alone target. Todo: make it parameterized, maybe add richards for benchmakrs?