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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Armin Rigo
Make confusion between "cont" and "restart" in a fork-before prompt less likely.
Christian Tismer
added checkpoint support for windows. You need to install some VM like VMware. Then you can save a restartable snapshot using fork-before.
Armin Rigo
The name 'cont' is clearer than 'run' to mean 'continue running from the forked checkpoint'. targetcompiler's entry point should not return an instance which cannot be converted to a PyObject*.
Armin Rigo
Added a 'restart' option that restarts the whole process. Meant as a way to discourage us from quitting when we think we will need to restart it all anyway, and then figure out after all that we didn't have to quit.
Armin Rigo
With -fork, don't wait for user input the first time, and don't show pdb when the user enters 'quit'.
Armin Rigo
This is a quick fork() hack that seems to provide a robust alternative to pickling on Unix systems. The process forks a copy of itself after annotation and runs the rtyper in the subprocess. When the subprocess terminates, the parent process prompts you again and let you fork another copy to re-run the rtyper. All modules not imported before the checkpoint can be modified between the runs (that's only the rtyper, essentially).