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Alexandre Fayolle
merge ast-experiments branch in the trunk. The ast branch being in a weird state, I'm merging this by hand (as suggested on IRC by mwh and cfbolz). Here follows the commit messages for the ast-experiments branch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ r39399 | afayolle | 2007-02-26 08:45:45 +0100 (lun, 26 fév 2007) | 5 lines merge trunk with branch svn merge -r 38798:39398 svn+ssh://…
Carl Friedrich Bolz
revert the 39432 merge (because there were problems).
Alexandre Fayolle
Merge ast-experiments branch in the trunk svn merge -r 22393:39399 svn+ssh://
Armin Rigo
An attempt to bring in sync the interp-level and app-level numbers associated to the tokens and symbols: * The token list is now hand-coded in, in such an order that it produces the same numbers as the lib-python/2.4.1/ * The symbol list cannot be hand-coded, as it is generated by the grammar parser. Instead, there is now a mixed module 'symbol' that exports the values produced by the grammar parser to app-level. This allows grammar experimentations without having to wo…
Ludovic Aubry
- introduced interpreter.pyparser.pysymbol and interpreter.pyparser.pytoken which are pypy versions of the symbol and token modules of CPython - reworked all the parser so that we represent rules and tokens with their integer value instead of strings all tests passed but it might still break some things..