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Maciej Fijalkowski
a bit of refactoring but now one can get to details about counters from the interpreter if he really feels like it
Maciej Fijalkowski
I'm pretty sure this was not supposed to go inside
Maciej Fijalkowski
this is outdated, kill
Samuele Pedroni
-nojit to disable running richards on the jit on jit-enabled pypys (for comparison purposes).
Anders Chrigström
Make richards use the jit if it is there.
Samuele Pedroni
tcchh - isinstance() is at applevel... think it is fairer test to not do applevel things for comparision against CPython. Last run with genllvm was at 5.2x slower.
Armin Rigo
Give command-line and functional arguments to select the
Samuele Pedroni
use time.time instead of time.clock, the latter can overflow producing confusing results
Samuele Pedroni
make classes explicitly new-style
Samuele Pedroni
a target based on a (R)Python port of the classic richards benchmark