pypy / pypy / doc / ctypes-implementation.rst

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
ModCloth avatarModCloth
Cleaning up remaining 'pypy[./]rlib' references
Maciej Fijalkowski avatarMaciej Fijalkowski
update docs to mention new dir layout
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Remove external reference to codespeak
lac avatarlac
fix minor english warts
Dario Bertini avatarDario Bertini
Fixed/removed stale external links (and changed some urls to avoid unhelpful redirects)
Carl Friedrich Bolz avatarCarl Friedrich Bolz
(lac, cfbolz): kill some old stuff, the rest is fine
David Malcolm avatarDavid Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Move various comments from inside toctree directives to other locations, as it causes warnings
David Malcolm avatarDavid Malcolm
(dmalcolm, lac): Mass rename of documentation files from .txt to .rst, to help editors recognize the format
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