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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Carl Friedrich Bolz
fix get_llinterp_args for richards and rpystone
Christian Tismer
rest of clean-ups
Christian Tismer
clean-up of rpystone2 crap which is no longer needed
Christian Tismer
make the import work after reloading
Christian Tismer
did some testing with the newly generated code. At first glance, it looks great, if we can trust the timing. For "slow" mode, I get a factor of 43. For "fast"mode, I get 250 or more, and I bumped the iterations to 10**9. But real run-time seems to be several seconds, so I think we can't trust these results. Something must be wrong with the dry-running. Will look abit deeper when on the train.
Anders Chrigström
Refactor the targetrpythone files.
Samuele Pedroni
slightly rerworked rpystone targets to make them more directly approachable for rtyper (avoiding extra string methods and string formatting code for now in rpystone entrypoint&main)
Christian Tismer
removed obsolete import
Armin Rigo
issue47 in-progress New official entry points into PyPy: A dist/pypy/bin/ A dist/pypy/bin/ D pypy/interpreter/ translate_pypy and associated files have been moved: A dist/pypy/translator/goal D dist/goal There is a new directory for demo material, where I kept some of the examples of the old goal directory and commented them: RM dist/demo M dist/demo/ M dist/…