Can't bind packet socket

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  1. Anonymous

    From ( by: montag451

    When I try to bind a packet socket using ETH_P_ALL as the proto, I get an "unknown address family" error. The code attached to this issue work with CPython but doesn't work with PyPy.

  2. Anonymous

    From ( by: montag451

    I finally found some time to work on this "unimplemented feature" :) I provide
    you with a patch that allows bind() to work with packet socket. I tested it with and with a translated interpreter and it seems to work.
  3. Maciej Fijalkowski
    Hi montag. Thank you for your contributions! However, in order to incorporate 
    this to code, it requires to come with tests. See the current tests in 
    test/ I also suggest looking up py.test, the tool we use for 
    running those tests, it's really great.
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