Get code_dump working on OS X

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Jez Ng
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  1. Caleb Hattingh

    I think this is already fixed for a long time, and should be closed.

    In today's master, uses a finder function for locating objdump:

    # rpython/jit/backend/tool/
    def find_objdump():
        exe = ('objdump', 'gobjdump', 'objdump.exe')
        path = os.environ['PATH'].split(os.pathsep)
        for e in exe:
            for p in path:
                path_to = os.path.join(p, e)
                if not os.path.exists(path_to):
                return e
        raise ObjdumpNotFound('(g)objdump was not found in PATH')

    ping @Maciej Fijalkowski

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