Issue #1817 resolved

RPython should support multiple frame vref types?

Edd Barrett
created an issue


In the pypy bridge, I've had to disable vrefs in at least one of the two interpreters to avoid the following error:

[translation:ERROR] UnionError:
[translation:ERROR] RPython cannot unify instances with no common base class
[translation:ERROR] Offending annotations:
[translation:ERROR]   SomeInstance(can_be_None=False, classdef=pypy.objspace.std
[translation:ERROR]   SomeInstance(can_be_None=False, classdef=hippy.frame.Frame
[translation:ERROR] Occurred processing the following simple_call:
[translation:ERROR]       (KeyError getting at the binding!)
[translation:ERROR]     v1101 = simple_call((function virtual_ref), frame_0)
[translation:ERROR] In <FunctionGraph of (hippy.interpreter:899)Interpreter.ente
r at 0x69844758>:
[translation:ERROR] Happened at file hippy/ line 901
[translation:ERROR]             frame.f_backref = self.topframeref
[translation:ERROR] ==>         self.topframeref = jit.virtual_ref(frame)
[translation:ERROR]             #self.topframeref = jit.non_virtual_ref(frame)
[translation:ERROR]             if self.debugger is not None:
[translation:ERROR] Known variable annotations:
[translation:ERROR]  frame_0 = SomeInstance(can_be_None=False,
[translation:ERROR] Processing block:
[translation:ERROR]  block@3 is a <class 'rpython.flowspace.flowcontext.SpamBloc
[translation:ERROR]  in (hippy.interpreter:899)Interpreter.enter
[translation:ERROR]  containing the following operations:
[translation:ERROR]        v1102 = getattr(self_139, ('topframeref'))
[translation:ERROR]        v1103 = setattr(frame_0, ('f_backref'), v1102)
[translation:ERROR]        v1101 = simple_call((function virtual_ref), frame_0)
[translation:ERROR]        v1104 = setattr(self_139, ('topframeref'), v1101)
[translation:ERROR]        v1105 = getattr(self_139, ('debugger'))
[translation:ERROR]        v1106 = is_(v1105, (None))
[translation:ERROR]        v1107 = bool(v1106)
[translation:ERROR]  --end--

So basically, a hippy frame and a pypy frame cannot be unioned. There are two possible fixes:

  • Provide some base abstract frame type and force VM implementers to use it.
  • Allow RPython to support multiple frame types for vrefs.

I don't feel qualified to comment further. What do the pypy devs think?

Comments (6)

  1. Edd Barrett reporter

    Works. OK to apply the following?

    diff -r 24db6697b691 rpython/rlib/
    --- a/rpython/rlib/   Wed Jul 16 14:51:39 2014 -0700
    +++ b/rpython/rlib/   Wed Jul 23 11:55:00 2014 +0100
    @@ -340,6 +340,7 @@
     # ____________________________________________________________
     # VRefs
     def virtual_ref(x):
         """Creates a 'vref' object that contains a reference to 'x'.  Calls
         to virtual_ref/virtual_ref_finish must be properly nested.  The idea
    @@ -351,6 +352,7 @@
         return DirectJitVRef(x)
     virtual_ref.oopspec = 'virtual_ref(x)'
     def virtual_ref_finish(vref, x):
         """See docstring in virtual_ref(x)"""
         keepalive_until_here(x)   # otherwise the whole function call is removed
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