documentation: build requires tk-dev on ubuntu

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Issue #2177 resolved
Jay Oster created an issue

The build documentation does not mention this dependency, but I had to install tk-dev on a fresh Ubuntu image to get a debug build working.

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  1. Jay Oster reporter

    I also found that libgdbm-dev is an optional dependency for one of the cffi modules.

    And, more troubling, following the build directions exactly fails at the Packaging step with a PyPyCNotFound exception getting raised and the following error message:

    Expected but did not find /home/ubuntu/pypy/pypy/goal/pypy-c. Please compile pypy first, using, or check that you gave the correct path with --override_pypy_c
 is looking for pypy-c in the pypy/goal/ subdirectory. The translation step instructs the user to run in the root repo directory, with the note:

    If everything works correctly this will create an executable pypy-c in the current directory.

    So I must do one of the following:

    • Run the translation step with cwd in pypy/goal.
    • Or use --override_pypy_c /home/ubuntu/pypy/pypy-c argument in the packaging step.

    I tried the first option, and that worked.

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