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Issue #2363 resolved

Segfault in GC: pinned object in 'objects_to_trace'

created an issue

I encountered a reproducible segfault when running a particular script, both with release builds and with lldebug.

PyPy assertion failed at rpython_memory_gc.c:22908:
in pypy_g_IncrementalMiniMarkGC_visit: pinned object in 'objects_to_trace'

The script and further details are provided in the attachment.

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  1. mattip

    For future reference, as a clear and reproducable issue report, here is the README from the attachment


    This is an attempt to reproduce a segfault in the GC of PyPy 5.3.1.

    The crash has been observed using an lldebug build on x64 CentOS 6.4, and also when using the following binaries on x64 Debian 8.4: https://bitbucket.org/pypy/pypy/downloads/pypy2-v5.3.1-linux64.tar.bz2

    The crash occurs with and without --jit off using the above binaries.

    When encountered using a regular release build, a plain segfault occurs. When encountered using an lldebug build, the following is displayed:

     $ ./start.sh 
      ..............PyPy assertion failed at rpython_memory_gc.c:22908:
      in pypy_g_IncrementalMiniMarkGC_visit: pinned object in 'objects_to_trace'

    I am not able to reproduce this using the debian-provided PyPy 2.4.0.

    The version of the "requests" library does not seem to matter. Included is the latest as of writing (2016-08-03) and it was retrieved from https://github.com/kennethreitz/requests/tarball/master


    Download a bz2-compressed xml dump of the english wikipedia, the smallest partial archive is usually enough: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/enwiki/20160801/enwiki-20160801-pages-articles1.xml-p000000010p000030302.bz2

    if that link has become 404, select a timestamp on this link: https://dumps.wikimedia.org/enwiki/

    and then choose one or more archives below the following headline: "Articles, templates, media/file descriptions, and primary meta-pages."

    Place one or more of these .xml-pXXXpXXX.bz2 files in the wikidump folder. Adding multiple archives appear to increase the odds of hitting the segfault. Unfortunately there seems to be many variables deciding when (or if) it'll happen during a run.

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