pypy2-v5.5.0 sandbox issues Windows

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rauts created an issue

Building the executable with Visual C++ 2008 32bit works.

C:\pypy\pypy\goal>C:\pypy\pypy.exe C:\pypy\rpython\bin\rpython -O2 --sandbox

But runnig it results into

C:\pypy>pypy.exe pypy\sandbox\ pypy\goal\pypy-c.exe
Not implemented: sandboxing for external function 'GetFullPathNameA'
debug: OperationError:
debug:  operror-type: RuntimeError
debug:  operror-value: None
[Subprocess exit code: 1]

Something similar was discussed over two years ago #1876. I'm not sure if I have to use the version from before 2014-10-05 or if there are any other options.

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  1. Armin Rigo

    It's unclear to me that Windows ever worked with sandboxing, as I didn't try. To fix, we need to look up at why the Windows-specific GetFullPathNameA() function is called; if it is reasonable, then we need to add support for sandboxing that function (which is very easy but needs to be done manually).

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