pypy3 - continulet pickling disabled

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noyounoyou created an issue

When trying to pickle a continulet (or a greenlet/etc), I get a NotImplementedError: "continulet's pickle support is currently disabled"

Looking at the source, this seems to exist only in new versions of pypy3 (not pypy). Can it be fixed?

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  1. Armin Rigo

    We'd need to update continue_after_call() in pypy/module/_continuation/ This is possible, but also messy. It depends on details of the bytecode. At the very least it should come with a test that checks explicitly (and fails) the version of Python, so that e.g. it would fail in the py3.6 branch even if we implement it in the py3.5 branch.

    Can you try to implement it for py3.5?

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