Translation error when oprofile is enabled

Issue #2903 new
Tinho Lee created an issue

Some errors raised when translating with translation-jit_profiler=oprofile

  1. log is undefined in rpython/jit/backend/x86/

[translation:ERROR] Exception: 'no_release_gil' function can release the GIL: <function finish_once at 0x000000004038cf20>
[GilAnalyzer] analyze_direct_call((rpython.rtyper.lltypesystem.rffi:3)ccall_op_close_agent__arrayPtr): True
[GilAnalyzer] analyze_direct_call((rpython.jit.backend.x86.oprofile:58)OProfileAgent.shutdown): True

Maybe releasegil=False should be set for op_open_agent, op_close_agent and op_write_native_code.

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  1. Armin Rigo

    As we don't test oprofile (and I personally never tried to install it), can you give us a pull request that fixes it for you? Thanks!

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