a Fatal RPython error: AssertionError

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Alex Kashirin
created an issue

I'm unable to determine the cause for the error,
The EXIT happens sometimes in at least several minutes or hours and not sure where days stand and most of the time never happens.

RPython traceback:
  File "rpython_jit_metainterp_8.c", line 44084, in send_bridge_to_backend
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86_3.c", line 3963, in Assembler386_assemble_bridge
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86.c", line 5295, in Assembler386__assemble
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86.c", line 11112, in RegAlloc_walk_operations
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86.c", line 34442, in RegAlloc_consider_jump
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86_1.c", line 7012, in remap_frame_layout_mixed
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86_1.c", line 29467, in remap_frame_layout
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86_1.c", line 23820, in MachineCodeBlockWrapper_INSN_MOVSD
  File "rpython_jit_backend_x86.c", line 13847, in _missing_binary_insn
Fatal RPython error: AssertionError

The translation of the PyPy is the script at:

Will be great to know what is possible to inspect.

Thank You,

Kashirin Alex

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  1. Armin Rigo

    To get more information, you can try executing PyPy with the environment variable PYPYLOG=jit:logfile. It will dump more details into a file called logfile (or any name you give). Once you get to the Fatal RPython error, then send us the complete logfile. It would be great if you managed to get a logfile leading to a crash after less than several hours, because otherwise the logfile can grow quite a lot. Maybe try to restart your program every 5 minutes if it didn't crash so far.

  2. Armin Rigo

    Also: (1) I don't understand why the translation script needs to give all these options, most of them at their current default value, but never mind; (2) what version of PyPy is that? If that's anything older than PyPy 6.0.0, then I would say the first step is to upgrade and try again.

  3. Armin Rigo

    How you built your PyPy, and the build log, is irrelevant here as far as I can tell. You're getting a runtime crash of the JIT compiler, and you don't have a small reproducible example, so the first step is to get the PYPYLOG that records what PyPy was attempting to JIT-compile and how.

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