pandas installation fails on pypy2 running on windows

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Issue #2933 resolved
Ilya Dubnov created an issue

I'm trying to install pandas on pypy 2.7 (v6.0.0) running on windows for a while, I'm getting errors of the following:

pandas_libs\algos.c(117018) : error C2065: 'PyIntegerArrType_Type' : undeclared identifier pandas_libs\algos.c(117071) : error C2065: 'PyFloatingArrType_Type' : undeclared identifier pandas_libs\algos.c(117124) : error C2065: 'PyComplexFloatingArrType_Type' : undeclared identifier ...

pip version 18.1 numpy version 1.10.0

full output is attached.

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  1. Ronan Lamy

    From the errors you report, the problem is actually with numpy. 1.10.0 is too old, I think that numpy only supports PyPy since 1.13 (on Linux, not sure about windows), so try installing a newer version.

  2. mattip

    The numpy error is

    numpy\core\src\multiarray\arraytypes.c.src(4813) : error C2129: \ 
    static function 'double npy_copysign(double,double)' declared but not defined
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