Move from BitBucked to GitLab / GitHub / Trac

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KOLANICH created an issue

BitBucket is extremily slow, eats a lot of memory and drains battery. While writing this issue battery charge level has dropped from 97% to 71%. This service is shit which should not be used.

GitLab has CI (with publishing build artifacts) and Docker registry.

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  1. Armin Rigo

    We don't like attacks of our own choice with no room for discussion. If you want to discuss this, you can send a mail to pypy-dev presenting your arguments, and if you think you could help with any transition you suggest.

  2. Armin Rigo

    Just to give some background, we might be open to moving away from bitbucket, but the current blocker is that none of the other platforms has got full support for mercurial. Gitlab appears to be coming but mercurial might still be too much of a second-class there.

    Switching to git is something that a few of the main developers, including me, will veto at this point. We tried to use git on some other project for more than one year, and we like to think we're not all entirely clueless about software, but this was a complete failure---blame our style of development, I suppose.

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