error: vmprof_common.o: multiple definition of '_PyThreadState_Current' (gcc 10 -fno-common)

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Issue #3163 new
Miro Hrončok created an issue

Hello, in Fedora, we have recently updated to gcc 10. It now defaults to -fno-common.

When we attempt to build pypy3.6 7.3.0, we have the following error:

error: vmprof_common.o: multiple definition of '_PyThreadState_Current'

Full logs attached (root.log contains information about versions of other packages).

This happens only on i686 and x86_64. We can temporarily build pypy with -fcommon, so this does not really block us, I juts thought reporting here is a good idea.

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  1. Victor Stinner

    Obviously, a temporary workaround (chosen by Fedora until this issue is fixed) is to build PyPy with -fcommon.

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