PyCrypto fails to build with pypy/cpyext

Issue #997 wontfix
Tristan Seligmann
created an issue

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  1. Amaury Lepicard

    Unfortunately PyCrypto accesses the internal representation of PyLong objects, which pypy cannot expose. This part of PyCrypto (in _fastmath.c: mpzToLongObj and longObjToMPZ) has to be modified before pypy can compile this module.

    Unfortunately the CPython API does not provide many alternatives. _PyLong_FromByteArray() could be used, but it requires an additional copy and would be slower.

    The best would be to invent a new CPython API: PyLong_GET_DIGITS() and PyLong_GET_SIZE(), which PyPy could implement like the string object and allow a mutable buffer until the object exits the function.

  2. Amaury Lepicard
    Glyph, I guess you don't have LIBGMP installed:
    "warning: GMP or MPIR library not found; Not building 
    After installing libgmp-dev, _fastmath.c cannot compile.
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