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Some fixes for FreeBSD translation

  1. Gabriel Lavoie avatarGabriel Lavoie

- Use FreeBSD's platform configuration to find expat.h and libexpat.so. - Retrieve available system memory for translation process.

Comments (10)

    1. Antonio Cuni

      I think that .ctc.py files are automatically generated by ctypes_configure whenever you modify the corresponding .py file. So, it should be ok to checkin diff to those, as long as they were not done manually.

  1. Armin Rigo

    Checked in the last two files. About pyexpat.ctc.py: the problem is really that it imports "pypy.*". It is not allowed to... I would rather say that it should be fixed in ctypes_configure, to automatically add $LOCALBASE/{include,lib} to the search path too.

    1. Gabriel Lavoie author

      In ctypes_configure.configure.ExternalCompilationInfo, paths were hardcoded to include DarwinPorts/(some other MacOS ports tool) paths (/opt/local). I guess such hardoding will also be necessary for FreeBSD (/usr/local). Or maybe /usr/local/{include, lib} should always be included for searching?

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