Enhance the dotviewer.

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  1. Tobias Pape
  • include Droid fonts (under Apache license)
  • allow for unicode by sending UTF-8 over the wire and force unicode decode on the other end
  • tests for that.
  • Make all text antialiased. It was already enabled unconditionally for the status bar and is now for the normal text, too.

Comments (2)

  1. Armin Rigo

    Please also add at least one test about unicode. Right now, it looks like you're adding unicode support to a viewer that doesn't need it at all (for viewing source code).

  2. Tobias Pape author

    (somehow my first reply was eaten by that rabbit, so I'll repeat myself)

    Fair point.

    • the graphviz/dot program supports utf-8 encoded files natively in 'dot' and 'plain' format,
    • the dotviewer might be used to view non-sourcecode dot files, ie, standalone,
    • the dotviewer can and has been used to visualize nodes in a parsetree or AST, where unicode characters might appear
      (Consider a simple grammar for an arithmetic expression evaluator that allows unicode variables, eg, lamdba in its expression),
    • probably, my proposal can help ease the transition to py3k.

    (tests have been added)
    Please note that I do not at all consider this pull request important leave alone critical.