fixed support for re stdlib 2.7.4

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stdlib-2.7.4-re-fix (212e8a4d0088)
  1. Andrews Medina
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  1. Armin Rigo

    This is wrong by itself. In order to fix this, we need to grep for "65535" in rlib/rsre.

    There are some non-trivial issues around this problem: the format of compiled regular expressions changed between micro CPython version. This is going to be somewhat a mess, because we suddenly can't rely any more on the CPython's re module in order to precompile regular expressions, or when running tests, for example.

    For example, I may be wrong, but I suspect that the test you added only works if the host CPython is at least 2.7.4, not if it's an older version.

  2. Andrews Medina author

    Hi @Armin Rigo It works with cpython 2.7.1 to 2.7.5.

    I have changed the MAXREPEAT to sys.maxint because in cpython the MAXREPEAT value is PY_SSIZE_T_MAX . And I don't know which is the equivalent for PY_SSIZE_T MAX in pypy.


  3. Armin Rigo

    I'm saying that there are still occurances of "65535" in, notably. This can't be correct. I'm sure someone motivated enough can find tests that fail by looking at these places.