PyPy Docs: fighting broken links #2

#224 Merged at 4c3f063
  1. Gregor Wegberg

I found out about linkcheck, felt like my last PR didn't finish the work I started and I sat in a very uninteresting (i.e. boring) lecture. This is the result.

Result of the patches:

I ignored all the release-*.rst files and there are still some broken links I don't know how to fix:

writing output... [ 71%] eventhistory
(line  215) broken - HTTP Error 404: Not Found
(line  233) broken - HTTP Error 404: Not Found
(line  233) broken - HTTP Error 404: Not Found
(line  233) broken - HTTP Error 404: Not Found
writing output... [ 96%] stm
(line   32) broken - HTTP Error 404: Not Found
writing output... [ 95%] statistic/index
(line   61) broken - HTTP Error 404: Not Found
  • Issues #2: Enable command line options for objspace resolved

Comments (7)

  1. Armin Rigo

    stm.rst is in-progress, I'll make sure the links are valid.

    The ~hpk links need to disappear, I fear.

    The links to pypy/objspace/std/* can be replaced with pypy/objspace/std/*

    The link to pypy/objspace/flow/ can be replaced with rpython/flowspace.

    The link to is simply nowadays.

    1. Gregor Wegberg author

      Great, thank you for the comments. I'm going to create patches according to your comment. If the PR is still open, I'm going to update it or otherwise create a new one.

  2. Gregor Wegberg author

    Ok, all changes done as far as I see it. According to linkcheck only old release-*.rst and the statistics page (as expected) contain broken links now. I don't think it makes sense to fix release-*.rst files. They are only of historical interest and spending time to fix them makes no sense right now to be honest.

    The result of this PR can be seen over at and for build information.

    Please take a good look at the changes in

    • coding-guide.rst: removed a whole section as I think it is not relevant anymore and may confuse people
    • statistic/index.rst: please check the grammar, I'm not a very good writer and English isn't my native language
    • eventhistory.rst: please check the grammar here too. I had to remove parts of the text because of the lost pictures
  3. Armin Rigo

    Ok, seems good now. I'll merge it and then fix a couple of sentences myself in objspace.rst which still talk about the distinction between and