Unsigned integer comparison optimizations

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  1. Michael Pavone

Unsigned integer comparisons now update/propagate integer bounds and can be optimized away based on integer bounds information.

Comments (2)

  1. Armin Rigo

    Hum, your code is fine, but I fear that it's pointing towards another issue: we have only "int_add" as the operation to add integers, and so far we assumed throughout intbounds.py that it's a non-overflowing addition of signed integers (and the same with "int_mul", "int_sub", etc). The problem is that for unsigned integers it carries on bogus intbounds, and now adding your code might actually expose that latent bug... Example:

    assume that the intbounds say that 1 <= i0 <= sys.maxint-1

    i1 = int_mul(i0, 4)

    now the intbounds will say 4 <= i1 (with no upper bound)

    i2 = uint_lt(i1, 4)

    So the optimizer will deduce that i2 == 0, which is probably not correct: if the int_mul was really an unsigned multiplication by 4 (i.e. a shift left by 2), and if i0 was ULONG_MAX / 4, then i1 == 0.

    The complete fix is probably to add uint_add, uint_mul, etc. as ResOperations.

  2. Hakan Ardo

    The behaviour of overflowing signed arithmetic is undefined in C, presumable to allow this kind of optimizations?

    A quick fix would be to check that both the flags has_lower and has_upper of v1.intbound and v2.intbound are True in the optimize_UINT_* methods. Similar to how we handle the shift operations. That'll of course render the optimization less useful though...