pypy / pypy / translator / platform /

"""Support for Linux."""

import os
import platform
import sys
from pypy.translator.platform.posix import BasePosix

class BaseLinux(BasePosix):
    name = "linux"
    link_flags = tuple(
                 + os.environ.get('LDFLAGS', '').split())
    extra_libs = ('-lrt',)
    cflags = tuple(
             ['-O3', '-pthread', '-fomit-frame-pointer',
              '-Wall', '-Wno-unused']
             + os.environ.get('CFLAGS', '').split())
    standalone_only = ()
    shared_only = ('-fPIC',)
    so_ext = 'so'
    so_prefixes = ('lib', '')
    def _args_for_shared(self, args):
        return ['-shared'] + args

    def _include_dirs_for_libffi(self):
        return self._pkg_config("libffi", "--cflags-only-I",

    def _library_dirs_for_libffi(self):
        return self._pkg_config("libffi", "--libs-only-L",

    def library_dirs_for_libffi_a(self):
        # places where we need to look for libffi.a
        # XXX obscuuure!  only look for libffi.a if run with
        if 'translate' in sys.modules:
            return self.library_dirs_for_libffi() + ['/usr/lib']
            return []

class Linux(BaseLinux):
    if platform.machine().startswith('arm'):
        shared_only = ('-fPIC',) # ARM requires compiling with -fPIC
        shared_only = () # it seems that on 32-bit linux, compiling with -fPIC
                         # gives assembler that asmgcc is not happy about.

class LinuxPIC(BaseLinux):