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pypy / rpython / rtyper / rbool.py

from rpython.annotator import model as annmodel
from rpython.rtyper.error import TyperError
from rpython.rtyper.lltypesystem.lltype import Signed, Unsigned, Bool, Float
from rpython.rtyper.rmodel import IntegerRepr, BoolRepr, log
from rpython.tool.pairtype import pairtype

class __extend__(annmodel.SomeBool):
    def rtyper_makerepr(self, rtyper):
        return bool_repr

    def rtyper_makekey(self):
        return self.__class__,

bool_repr = BoolRepr()

class __extend__(BoolRepr):

    def convert_const(self, value):
        if not isinstance(value, bool):
            raise TyperError("not a bool: %r" % (value,))
        return value

    def rtype_is_true(_, hop):
        vlist = hop.inputargs(Bool)
        return vlist[0]

    def rtype_int(_, hop):
        vlist = hop.inputargs(Signed)
        return vlist[0]

    def rtype_float(_, hop):
        vlist = hop.inputargs(Float)
        return vlist[0]

# _________________________ Conversions _________________________

class __extend__(pairtype(BoolRepr, IntegerRepr)):
    def convert_from_to((r_from, r_to), v, llops):
        if r_from.lowleveltype == Bool and r_to.lowleveltype == Unsigned:
            log.debug('explicit cast_bool_to_uint')
            return llops.genop('cast_bool_to_uint', [v], resulttype=Unsigned)
        if r_from.lowleveltype == Bool and r_to.lowleveltype == Signed:
            return llops.genop('cast_bool_to_int', [v], resulttype=Signed)
        if r_from.lowleveltype == Bool:
            from rpython.rtyper.rint import signed_repr
            v_int = llops.genop('cast_bool_to_int', [v], resulttype=Signed)
            return llops.convertvar(v_int, signed_repr, r_to)
        return NotImplemented

class __extend__(pairtype(IntegerRepr, BoolRepr)):
    def convert_from_to((r_from, r_to), v, llops):
        if r_from.lowleveltype == Unsigned and r_to.lowleveltype == Bool:
            log.debug('explicit cast_uint_to_bool')
            return llops.genop('uint_is_true', [v], resulttype=Bool)
        if r_from.lowleveltype == Signed and r_to.lowleveltype == Bool:
            log.debug('explicit cast_int_to_bool')
            return llops.genop('int_is_true', [v], resulttype=Bool)
        return NotImplemented