pypy / testrunner /

The branch 'stm-gc' does not exist.
""" This is a very hackish runner for cross compilation toolchain scratchbox.
Later on we might come out with some general solution

import os

def args_for_scratchbox(cwd, args):
    return ['/scratchbox/login', '-d', str(cwd)] + args

def run_scratchbox(args, cwd, out, timeout=None):
    return run(args_for_scratchbox(cwd, args), cwd, out, timeout)

def dry_run_scratchbox(args, cwd, out, timeout=None):
    return dry_run(args_for_scratchbox(cwd, args), cwd, out, timeout)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import runner
    # XXX hack hack hack
    dry_run = runner.dry_run
    run =

    runner.dry_run = dry_run_scratchbox = run_scratchbox

    import sys
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