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pypy / pypy / tool / genstatistic.py

import autopath
import py
from py._cmdline import pycountloc as countloc 
from py.xml import raw

pypydir = py.path.local(autopath.pypydir)

def isdocfile(p):
    return (p.ext in ('.txt', '.rst') or
            p.basename in ('README', 'NOTES', 'LICENSE'))

def istestfile(p):
    if not p.check(file=1, ext='.py'): 
        return False 
    pb = p.purebasename 
    if pb.startswith('test_') or pb.endswith('_test'): 
        return True 
    if 'test' in [x.basename for x in p.parts()[-4:]]: 
        return True

notistestfile = lambda x: not istestfile(x)

class relchecker:
    def __init__(self, rel):
        self.rel = rel
    def __call__(self, p): 
        return p.relto(autopath.pypydir).startswith(self.rel)

def isfile(p):
    return p.check(file=1) and p.ext in ('.py', '.txt', '')

def recpypy(p):
    if p.basename[0] == '.': 
        return False 
    if p.basename in ('Pyrex', 
        return False 
    return True 

def getpypycounter():
    filecounter = countloc.FileCounter() 
    root = py.path.local(autopath.pypydir)
    filecounter.addrecursive(root, isfile, rec=recpypy)
    return filecounter 

class CounterModel: 
    def __init__(self, pypycounter): 
        self.counter = pypycounter 
        self.totallines = pypycounter.numlines 
        self.totalfiles = pypycounter.numfiles
        self.testlines = pypycounter.getnumlines(istestfile) 
        self.testfiles = pypycounter.getnumfiles(istestfile) 
        self.notestlines = pypycounter.getnumlines(notistestfile) 
        self.notestfiles = pypycounter.getnumfiles(notistestfile) 
        self.doclines = pypycounter.getnumlines(isdocfile)
        self.docfiles = pypycounter.getnumfiles(isdocfile) 

# rendering 
def row(*args):
    return html.tr([html.td(arg) for arg in args])

def percent(x, y):
    return "%.2f%%" % (x / (y/100.0))

def viewlocsummary(model):
    t = html.table(
        row("total number of lines", model.totallines, raw(" ")), 
        row("number of testlines", model.testlines, 
            percent(model.testlines, model.totallines)), 
        row("number of non-testlines", model.notestlines, 
            percent(model.notestlines, model.totallines)), 

        row("total number of files", model.totalfiles, raw(" ")), 
        row("number of testfiles", model.testfiles, 
            percent(model.testfiles, model.totalfiles)), 
        row("number of non-testfiles", model.notestfiles, 
            percent(model.notestfiles, model.totalfiles)), 
    if model.docfiles: 
        t.append(row("number of docfiles", model.docfiles, 
            percent(model.docfiles, model.totalfiles)))
        t.append(row("number of doclines", model.doclines, 
            percent(model.doclines, model.totallines)))
    return t

def viewloclist(model):
    t = html.table()
    d = model.counter.file2numlines
    paths = d.items()
    paths.sort(lambda x,y : -cmp(x[1], y[1])) # sort by numlines 
    for p, numlines in paths: 
        if numlines < 3: 
        t.append(row(p.relto(pypydir.dirpath()), numlines))
    return t

def viewsubdirs(model): 
    t = html.table()
    for p in pypydir.listdir(): 
        if p.basename in '_cache .svn'.split(): 
        if p.check(dir=1): 
            counter = countloc.FileCounter()
            counter.addrecursive(p, isfile, recpypy)
            model = CounterModel(counter) 
    return t

if __name__ == '__main__': 
    if len(py.std.sys.argv) >= 2:
        target = py.path.local(py.std.sys.argv[1])
        target = py.path.local('index.html')
    print "writing source statistics to", target
    pypycounter = getpypycounter() 
    model = CounterModel(pypycounter) 
    rev = py.path.svnwc(autopath.pypydir).info().rev
    html = py.xml.html
    doc = html.html(
            html.title("PyPy Statistics %d" % rev),
            html.h2("rev %d PyPy Summary of Files and Lines" % rev),
            html.h2("Details on first-level subdirectories"), 
            html.h3("PyPy Full List Files and Lines"),
            html.p("files with less than 3 lines ignored")
    content = doc.unicode(indent=2).encode('utf8')