pypy / pypy / tool /

A color print.

import sys
from import ansi_print
from pypy.tool.ansi_mandelbrot import Driver

class AnsiLog:
    wrote_dot = False # XXX sharing state with all instances

    KW_TO_COLOR = {
        # color supress
        'red': ((31,), True),
        'bold': ((1,), True),
        'WARNING': ((31,), False),
        'event': ((1,), True),
        'ERROR': ((1, 31), False),
        'Error': ((1, 31), False),
        'info': ((35,), False),
        'stub': ((34,), False),

    def __init__(self, kw_to_color={}, file=None):
        self.kw_to_color = self.KW_TO_COLOR.copy()
        self.file = file
        self.fancy = True
        self.isatty = getattr(sys.stderr, 'isatty', lambda: False)
        if self.fancy and self.isatty(): 
            self.mandelbrot_driver = Driver()
            self.mandelbrot_driver = None

    def __call__(self, msg):
        tty = self.isatty()
        flush = False
        newline = True
        keywords = []
        esc = []
        for kw in msg.keywords:
            color, supress = self.kw_to_color.get(kw, (None, False))
            if color:
            if not supress:
        if 'start' in keywords:
            if tty:
                newline = False
                flush = True
        elif 'done' in keywords:
            if tty:
                print >> sys.stderr
        elif 'dot' in keywords:
            if tty:
                if self.fancy:
                    if not AnsiLog.wrote_dot:
                    ansi_print(".", tuple(esc), file=self.file, newline=False, flush=flush)
                AnsiLog.wrote_dot = True
        if AnsiLog.wrote_dot:
            AnsiLog.wrote_dot = False
        esc = tuple(esc)
        for line in msg.content().splitlines():
            ansi_print("[%s] %s" %(":".join(keywords), line), esc, 
                       file=self.file, newline=newline, flush=flush)

ansi_log = AnsiLog()
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