pypy / lib_pypy /

""" This module provides ctypes version of cpython's grp module

import os
import sys
if sys.platform == 'win32':
    raise ImportError("No grp module on Windows")

from ctypes import Structure, c_char_p, c_int, POINTER
from ctypes_support import standard_c_lib as libc
import _structseq

try: from __pypy__ import builtinify
except ImportError: builtinify = lambda f: f

gid_t = c_int

class GroupStruct(Structure):
    _fields_ = (
        ('gr_name', c_char_p),
        ('gr_passwd', c_char_p),
        ('gr_gid', gid_t),
        ('gr_mem', POINTER(c_char_p)),

class struct_group(metaclass=_structseq.structseqtype):

    gr_name   = _structseq.structseqfield(0)
    gr_passwd = _structseq.structseqfield(1)
    gr_gid    = _structseq.structseqfield(2)
    gr_mem    = _structseq.structseqfield(3)

libc.getgrgid.argtypes = [gid_t]
libc.getgrgid.restype = POINTER(GroupStruct)

libc.getgrnam.argtypes = [c_char_p]
libc.getgrnam.restype = POINTER(GroupStruct)

libc.getgrent.argtypes = []
libc.getgrent.restype = POINTER(GroupStruct)

libc.setgrent.argtypes = []
libc.setgrent.restype = None

libc.endgrent.argtypes = []
libc.endgrent.restype = None

def _group_from_gstruct(res):
    i = 0
    mem = []
    while res.contents.gr_mem[i]:
        i += 1
    return struct_group((os.fsdecode(res.contents.gr_name),

def getgrgid(gid):
    res = libc.getgrgid(gid)
    if not res:
        # XXX maybe check error eventually
        raise KeyError(gid)
    return _group_from_gstruct(res)

def getgrnam(name):
    if not isinstance(name, str):
        raise TypeError("expected string")
    res = libc.getgrnam(os.fsencode(name))
    if not res:
        raise KeyError(name)
    return _group_from_gstruct(res)

def getgrall():
    lst = []
    while 1:
        p = libc.getgrent()
        if not p:
            return lst
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