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PyPy: Python in Python implementation Version 0.6 

Welcome to PyPy!   PyPy-0.6 is the first public release 
after two years of spare-time and half a year of European Union 
funded development from a multitude of people and organizations.  

We invested a lot of time in improving the documentation and
website and thus invite you to head over to our getting-started

which gives you many good starting and entry points into
playing with PyPy.  It will also point you to our
documentation section which you can also directly enter here:

All the documentation files (in ReST format) can also be found
in the following directory of the PyPy source tree:


Our online release announcement has some more  
information about the specific 0.6 release: 

Please freel free to contact or join us in one of the ways
listed in our contact page:

Enjoy and send us feedback! 

    the pypy-dev team <>
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