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pypy / pypy / tool / pairtype.py

Two magic tricks for classes:

    class X:
        __metaclass__ = extendabletype

    # in some other file...
    class __extend__(X):
        ...      # and here you can add new methods and class attributes to X

Mostly useful together with the second trick, which lets you build
methods whose 'self' is a pair of objects instead of just one:

    class __extend__(pairtype(X, Y)):
        attribute = 42
        def method((x, y), other, arguments):

    pair(x, y).attribute
    pair(x, y).method(other, arguments)

This finds methods and class attributes based on the actual
class of both objects that go into the pair(), with the usual
rules of method/attribute overriding in (pairs of) subclasses.

For more information, see test_pairtype.

class extendabletype(type):
    """A type with a syntax trick: 'class __extend__(t)' actually extends
    the definition of 't' instead of creating a new subclass."""
    def __new__(cls, name, bases, dict):
        if name == '__extend__':
            for cls in bases:
                for key, value in dict.items():
                    if key == '__module__':
                    # XXX do we need to provide something more for pickling?
                    setattr(cls, key, value)
            return None
            return super(extendabletype, cls).__new__(cls, name, bases, dict)

def pair(a, b):
    """Return a pair object."""
    tp = pairtype(a.__class__, b.__class__)
    return tp((a, b))   # tp is a subclass of tuple

pairtypecache = {}

def pairtype(cls1, cls2):
    """type(pair(a,b)) is pairtype(a.__class__, b.__class__)."""
        pair = pairtypecache[cls1, cls2]
    except KeyError:
        name = 'pairtype(%s, %s)' % (cls1.__name__, cls2.__name__)
        bases1 = [pairtype(base1, cls2) for base1 in cls1.__bases__]
        bases2 = [pairtype(cls1, base2) for base2 in cls2.__bases__]
        bases = tuple(bases1 + bases2) or (tuple,)  # 'tuple': ultimate base
        pair = pairtypecache[cls1, cls2] = extendabletype(name, bases, {})
    return pair