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The __pypy__ module

The __pypy__ module is the main entry point to special features provided by PyPy's standard interpreter. Its content depends on configuration options which may add new functionality and functions whose existence or non-existence indicates the presence of such features.

Generally available functionality

  • internal_repr(obj): return the interpreter-level representation of an object.
  • bytebuffer(length): return a new read-write buffer of the given length. It works like a simplified array of characters (actually, depending on the configuration the array module internally uses this).

Transparent Proxy Functionality

If transparent proxies are enabled (with :config:`objspace.std.withtproxy`) the following functions are put into __pypy__:

  • tproxy(typ, controller): Return something that looks like it is of type typ. Its behaviour is completely controlled by the controller. See the docs about transparent proxies for detail.
  • get_tproxy_controller(obj): If obj is really a transparent proxy, return its controller. Otherwise return None.

Functionality available on (not after translation)

  • isfake(obj): returns True if obj is faked.
  • interp_pdb(): start a pdb at interpreter-level.
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