pypy / pypy / module / posix /

# Package initialisation
from pypy.interpreter.mixedmodule import MixedModule
from pypy.rpython.module.ll_os import RegisterOs

import os, sys
exec 'import %s as posix' %

# this is the list of function which is *not* present in the posix module of
# IronPython 2.6, and that we want to ignore for now
lltype_only_defs = [
    'chown', 'chroot', 'closerange', 'confstr', 'confstr_names', 'ctermid', 'dup',
    'dup2', 'execv', 'execve', 'fchdir', 'fchmod', 'fchown', 'fdatasync', 'fork',
    'forkpty', 'fpathconf', 'fstatvfs', 'fsync', 'ftruncate', 'getegid', 'geteuid',
    'getgid', 'getgroups', 'getloadavg', 'getlogin', 'getpgid', 'getpgrp', 'getppid',
    'getsid', 'getuid', 'kill', 'killpg', 'lchown', 'link', 'lseek', 'major',
    'makedev', 'minor', 'mkfifo', 'mknod', 'nice', 'openpty', 'pathconf', 'pathconf_names',
    'pipe', 'readlink', 'setegid', 'seteuid', 'setgid', 'setgroups', 'setpgid', 'setpgrp',
    'setregid', 'setreuid', 'setsid', 'setuid', 'stat_float_times', 'statvfs',
    'statvfs_result', 'symlink', 'sysconf', 'sysconf_names', 'tcgetpgrp', 'tcsetpgrp',
    'ttyname', 'uname', 'wait', 'wait3', 'wait4'

# the Win32 urandom implementation isn't going to translate on JVM or CLI so
# we have to remove it

class Module(MixedModule):
    """This module provides access to operating system functionality that is
standardized by the C Standard and the POSIX standard (a thinly
disguised Unix interface).  Refer to the library manual and
corresponding Unix manual entries for more information on calls."""

    applevel_name =

    appleveldefs = {
    'error'      : 'app_posix.error',
    'stat_result': 'app_posix.stat_result',
    'fdopen'     : 'app_posix.fdopen',
    'tmpfile'    : 'app_posix.tmpfile',
    'popen'      : 'app_posix.popen',
    'tmpnam'     : 'app_posix.tmpnam',
    'tempnam'    : 'app_posix.tempnam',
    if == 'nt':
                'popen2' : 'app_posix.popen2',
                'popen3' : 'app_posix.popen3',
                'popen4' : 'app_posix.popen4',

    if hasattr(os, 'wait'):
        appleveldefs['wait'] = 'app_posix.wait'
    if hasattr(os, 'wait3'):
        appleveldefs['wait3'] = 'app_posix.wait3'
    if hasattr(os, 'wait4'):
        appleveldefs['wait4'] = 'app_posix.wait4'
    interpleveldefs = {
    'open'      : '',
    'lseek'     : 'interp_posix.lseek',
    'write'     : 'interp_posix.write',
    'isatty'    : 'interp_posix.isatty',
    'read'      : '',
    'close'     : 'interp_posix.close',
    'closerange': 'interp_posix.closerange',
    'fstat'     : 'interp_posix.fstat',
    'stat'      : 'interp_posix.stat',
    'lstat'     : 'interp_posix.lstat',
    'stat_float_times' : 'interp_posix.stat_float_times',
    'dup'       : 'interp_posix.dup',
    'dup2'      : 'interp_posix.dup2',
    'access'    : 'interp_posix.access',
    'times'     : 'interp_posix.times',
    'system'    : 'interp_posix.system',
    'unlink'    : 'interp_posix.unlink',
    'remove'    : 'interp_posix.remove',
    'getcwd'    : 'interp_posix.getcwd',
    'getcwdu'   : 'interp_posix.getcwdu',
    'chdir'     : 'interp_posix.chdir',
    'mkdir'     : 'interp_posix.mkdir',
    'rmdir'     : 'interp_posix.rmdir',
    'environ'   : 'interp_posix.get(space).w_environ',
    'listdir'   : 'interp_posix.listdir',
    'strerror'  : 'interp_posix.strerror',
    'pipe'      : 'interp_posix.pipe',
    'chmod'     : 'interp_posix.chmod',
    'rename'    : 'interp_posix.rename',
    'umask'     : 'interp_posix.umask',
    '_exit'     : 'interp_posix._exit',
    'utime'     : 'interp_posix.utime',
    '_statfields': 'interp_posix.getstatfields(space)',
    'kill'      : 'interp_posix.kill',
    'abort'     : 'interp_posix.abort',
    'urandom'   : 'interp_posix.urandom',

    if hasattr(os, 'chown'):
        interpleveldefs['chown'] = 'interp_posix.chown'
    if hasattr(os, 'lchown'):
        interpleveldefs['lchown'] = 'interp_posix.lchown'
    if hasattr(os, 'fchown'):
        interpleveldefs['fchown'] = 'interp_posix.fchown'
    if hasattr(os, 'fchmod'):
        interpleveldefs['fchmod'] = 'interp_posix.fchmod'
    if hasattr(os, 'ftruncate'):
        interpleveldefs['ftruncate'] = 'interp_posix.ftruncate'
    if hasattr(os, 'fsync'):
        interpleveldefs['fsync'] = 'interp_posix.fsync'
    if hasattr(os, 'fdatasync'):
        interpleveldefs['fdatasync'] = 'interp_posix.fdatasync'
    if hasattr(os, 'fchdir'):
        interpleveldefs['fchdir'] = 'interp_posix.fchdir'
    if hasattr(os, 'putenv'):
        interpleveldefs['putenv'] = 'interp_posix.putenv'
    if hasattr(posix, 'unsetenv'): # note: emulated in os
        interpleveldefs['unsetenv'] = 'interp_posix.unsetenv'
    if hasattr(os, 'killpg'):
        interpleveldefs['killpg'] = 'interp_posix.killpg'
    if hasattr(os, 'getpid'):
        interpleveldefs['getpid'] = 'interp_posix.getpid'
    if hasattr(os, 'link'):
        interpleveldefs['link'] = ''
    if hasattr(os, 'symlink'):
        interpleveldefs['symlink'] = 'interp_posix.symlink'
    if hasattr(os, 'readlink'):
        interpleveldefs['readlink'] = 'interp_posix.readlink'
    if hasattr(os, 'fork'):
        interpleveldefs['fork'] = 'interp_posix.fork'
    if hasattr(os, 'openpty'):
        interpleveldefs['openpty'] = 'interp_posix.openpty'
    if hasattr(os, 'forkpty'):
        interpleveldefs['forkpty'] = 'interp_posix.forkpty'
    if hasattr(os, 'waitpid'):
        interpleveldefs['waitpid'] = 'interp_posix.waitpid'
    if hasattr(os, 'execv'):
        interpleveldefs['execv'] = 'interp_posix.execv'
    if hasattr(os, 'execve'):
        interpleveldefs['execve'] = 'interp_posix.execve'
    if hasattr(posix, 'spawnv'):
        interpleveldefs['spawnv'] = 'interp_posix.spawnv'
    if hasattr(posix, 'spawnve'):
        interpleveldefs['spawnve'] = 'interp_posix.spawnve'
    if hasattr(os, 'uname'):
        interpleveldefs['uname'] = 'interp_posix.uname'
    if hasattr(os, 'sysconf'):
        interpleveldefs['sysconf'] = 'interp_posix.sysconf'
        interpleveldefs['sysconf_names'] = 'space.wrap(os.sysconf_names)'
    if hasattr(os, 'fpathconf'):
        interpleveldefs['fpathconf'] = 'interp_posix.fpathconf'
        interpleveldefs['pathconf_names'] = 'space.wrap(os.pathconf_names)'
    if hasattr(os, 'ttyname'):
        interpleveldefs['ttyname'] = 'interp_posix.ttyname'
    if hasattr(os, 'getloadavg'):
        interpleveldefs['getloadavg'] = 'interp_posix.getloadavg'
    if hasattr(os, 'makedev'):
        interpleveldefs['makedev'] = 'interp_posix.makedev'
    if hasattr(os, 'major'):
        interpleveldefs['major'] = 'interp_posix.major'
    if hasattr(os, 'minor'):
        interpleveldefs['minor'] = 'interp_posix.minor'
    if hasattr(os, 'mkfifo'):
        interpleveldefs['mkfifo'] = 'interp_posix.mkfifo'
    if hasattr(os, 'mknod'):
        interpleveldefs['mknod'] = 'interp_posix.mknod'
    if hasattr(os, 'nice'):
        interpleveldefs['nice'] = 'interp_posix.nice'
    if hasattr(os, 'getlogin'):
        interpleveldefs['getlogin'] = 'interp_posix.getlogin'

    for name in ['setsid', 'getuid', 'geteuid', 'getgid', 'getegid', 'setuid',
                 'seteuid', 'setgid', 'setegid', 'getgroups', 'getpgrp', 
                 'setpgrp', 'getppid', 'getpgid', 'setpgid', 'setreuid', 
                 'setregid', 'getsid', 'setsid']:
        if hasattr(os, name):
            interpleveldefs[name] = 'interp_posix.%s' % (name,)
    # not visible via os, inconsistency in nt:
    if hasattr(posix, '_getfullpathname'):
        interpleveldefs['_getfullpathname'] = 'interp_posix._getfullpathname'
    if hasattr(os, 'chroot'):
        interpleveldefs['chroot'] = 'interp_posix.chroot'
    for name in RegisterOs.w_star:
        if hasattr(os, name):
            interpleveldefs[name] = 'interp_posix.' + name

    def __init__(self, space, w_name):
        # if it's an ootype translation, remove all the defs that are lltype
        # only
        backend = space.config.translation.backend
        if backend == 'cli' or backend == 'jvm':
            for name in lltype_only_defs:
                self.interpleveldefs.pop(name, None)
        MixedModule.__init__(self, space, w_name)

    def startup(self, space):
        from pypy.module.posix import interp_posix
for constant in dir(os):
    value = getattr(os, constant)
    if constant.isupper() and type(value) is int:
        Module.interpleveldefs[constant] = "space.wrap(%s)" % value