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What's new in PyPy xxx

Fixed the performance of gc.get_referrers()

Provides cppyy module (disabled by default) for access to C++ through Reflex. See doc/cppyy.rst for full details and functionality. .. branch: nupypy-axis-arg-check Check that axis arg is valid in _numpypy .. branch:less-gettestobjspace .. branch: move-apptest-support

Remove numpy lazy evaluation and simplify everything .. branch: numpy-reintroduce-jit-drivers .. branch: numpy-fancy-indexing Support for array[array-of-ints] in numpy .. branch: even-more-jit-hooks Implement better JIT hooks .. branch: virtual-arguments Improve handling of **kwds greatly, making them virtual sometimes. .. branch: improve-rbigint Introduce __int128 on systems where it's supported and improve the speed of rlib/ greatly. .. branch: translation-cleanup Start to clean up a bit the flow object space. .. branch: ffi-backend Support CFFI. .. branch: speedup-unpackiterable .. branch: stdlib-2.7.3 The stdlib was updated to version 2.7.3

Complex dtype support for numpy .. branch: numpypy-problems Improve dtypes intp, uintp, void, string and record .. branch: kill-someobject major cleanups including killing some object support .. branch: cpyext-PyThreadState_New implement threadstate-related functions in cpyext

add dict/list/set strategies optimized for unicode items

Support for utf-8 encoding in RPython .. branch: arm-backend-2 Support ARM in the JIT.