pypy / pypy / doc / whatsnew-head.rst

What's new in PyPy 2.0

Split rpython and pypy into seperate directories

Callbacks from C are now better JITted

Implement __lenght_hint__ according to PEP 424

Long double support for numpypy .. branch: numpypy-real-as-view Convert real, imag from ufuncs to views. This involves the beginning of view() functionality

Improved RPython typing

Rudimentary support for bytearray in RPython

Fixed the interaction between two internal tools for controlling the JIT.

Better optimized certain types of frame accesses in the JIT, particularly around exceptions that escape the function they were raised in.

Some missing attributes from ndarrays

Consolidated the lib_pypy/pypy_test and pypy/module/test_lib_pypy tests into one directory for reduced confusion and so they all run nightly.

Add "__pypy__.thread.signals_enabled", a context manager. Can be used in a non-main thread to enable the processing of signal handlers in that thread.

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