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pypy / TODO

kill Exception.message

what to do with the ListRangeStrategy? We also have __builtin__.functional.W_Range

run coverage against the parser/astbuilder/astcompiler: it's probably full of
dead code because the grammar changed

re-enable IntDictStrategy

re-enable StdObjSpace.listview_str

re-enable the kwargs dict strategy in dictmultiobject.py
re-enable view_as_kwargs

check the "assert rbigint.SHIFT <= 32" in module/_random/interp_random.py,
which has been commented out for now

unskip numpypy tests in module/test_lib_pypy/numpypy/

optimize W_UnicodeObject, right now it stores both an unicode and an utf8
version of the same string

re-enable BUILD_LIST_FROM_ARG: see the comment in astcompiler/codegen.py in