pypy / README

PyPy: Python in Python implementation / Version 0.8.0

PyPy is an implementation of the Python programming language, written
in Python.

PyPy is very much a work in progress, but can already build a
self-contained Python implementation that is completely independent of

For more, we invite you to head over to our getting-started document:

    (local if you got a tarball or svn checkout)

which gives you many good starting and entry points into playing with
PyPy.  It will also point you to our documentation section which is
generated from information in the pypy/doc directory.

For information in what's new in this release, please read the release


Since December 2004, the development of PyPy has been funded by the
European Union's research programme.  For more information on this
aspect of the project please visit

Enjoy and send us feedback!

    the pypy-dev team <>